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Is Your Clutter Causing Chaos?

clear your clutter

Whether your home or office is small, short on storage space, or you just can’t find the time in the day to stay organized, your clutter could be causing some serious chaos. Not only does your clutter make it difficult to find what you are looking for, but it is visually and mentally distracting. Help clear the clutter and maintain organization with the tips below.

Practice The “One in, One Out” Rule To Minimize Clutter

The “one in, one out” rule is simple: every time you purchase something new, donate, sell, or toss something. Ideally, downsize from the same category. For example, if you purchase a new fall or winter sweater—get rid of one fall or winter item. This will help to keep you organized, and will encourage you to keep downsizing top of mind.

Head To Your Local Home And Office Store

With the right organizational tools, you can realistically double your current storage space—in some cases even more! Home and office organizational tools will also make it easier to find what you are searching for. If it has been a while since you’ve been shopping, you might be surprised at your options. Just a few items to consider are:

  • Drawer organizers
  • Desk organizers
  • Specialty hangers—pants, suit, tie, etc.
  • Storage baskets and containers
  • Item-specific storage solutions

Last but not least, consider investing in furniture that is better suited for your space—bonus points if it provides additional storage space.

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