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Parsley—It’s Not Just A Garnish

Parsley is not just a garnish! Parsley water or tea.

Parsley is a popular garnish in both casual and fine dining restaurants, but it is often left on the plate untouched. As unassuming as this leafy green may look, it packs some powerful health and beauty benefits.

  • Cleanse your liver and kidneys
  • Fade dark spots—even under-eye circles
  • Improve digestion
  • Boost immunity with powerful antioxidants
  • Purify your blood
  • Reduce internal and external inflammation
  • Purify skin for a reduction in acne and overall glowing skin
  • And more!

Make Your Own Parsley Water or Tea

Enjoy the health and beauty benefits of parsley above by juicing it, blending it into your favorite smoothies, adding it to salads, and finding more recipes to cook with this healing herb. You can even buy parsley tea bags or make your own parsley water or tea by:

  • Bring 1 liter, or 33 ounces of water to a boil

  • Seep 5 sprigs of organic parsley (flat or curly) in boing water for 5 minutes

  • Strain and serve hot, or chill and drink cold

Add more or less parsley depending on preferred flavor, or squeeze in a bit of lemon or lime.

Parsley is super easy to grow, both indoors or outdoors, so consider growing your own, along with some of your other favorite fresh herbs.

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