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Is It Selfish To Put Yourself First?

It's not selfish to put yourself first

Many words have duplicate meanings or definitions that have truly been redefined. The word “selfish” is often used with a negative connotation, but learning to prioritize your needs is not selfish. Being selfish may be the key to living a full, healthy, and meaningful life.

A Healthy Kind Of Selfish

Yes! It is ok to put yourself first! If you feel guilty or selfish for taking the time you need, treating yourself to a fine bottle of wine, massage, or a mini-shopping spree, ask what your intention is. If you intend to support your need for balance or to advocate on behalf of your best interests, then you are not being selfish—you are being healthy.

If you intend to put everyone else’s needs before yours, get ahead in a manner that compromises your integrity, or hurt someone else, then you are behaving in a manner that is unhealthy.

Put Yourself First Today

Learning how to put yourself first may take a few tries. You will have to learn to say no, to schedule or budget more time and resources for yourself, and to learn how to put your guilt aside. Once you get past the initial shock of the positive change (both your shock and others), you will feel a weight lift and will feel happier and more content.

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