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The Unassuming Aloe Plant

The aloe plant is not your average house plant!

Aloe vera plants can be found year-round in just about any home and garden store and maybe even in the plant section of your local grocery store. As beautiful as they may be, they are far more than just a plant. The gel found inside the leaves of aloe plants contain over 75 skin-healthy and body-beautiful vitamins, minerals, enzymes, proteins, and natural healing properties.

Treat Your Skin Right

Next time you have a dry patch of skin, a sunburn, minor burn, cut, or abrasion, break off a bit of the aloe leaf and use it to soothe and health your skin.

Aloe In The Bottle

Beware of sun or beauty products that claim to be aloe, but are often filled with man-made chemical ingredients. In its natural state, aloe gel is clear or light green. However, any bottled aloe will require a preservative, so look for formulas that are 98 or 99 percent aloe.

Did You Know That The Aloe Plant Can Be Turned Into A Juice?

You may have seen aloe beverages by the gallon or single serving. While it is not wise to eat your aloe plant, you can drink aloe juice as directed. Aloe juice improves digestion, boosts immunity, improves circulation, and more! Again, look for natural formulas with minimal additives.

Last but not least, aloe vera is a beautiful plant that is the perfect addition to any home or office.



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