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Can You Manifest Your Health?

have you learned how to manifest your health?

Ever since The Secret and Abraham Hicks introduced us to the concept if the law of attraction, I have been looking for evidence of their teachings in my everyday life. Their words resonate, and for many of us simply make sense—even if we have yet to transform our way of thinking. While the general idea of energetically receiving what you are putting out is fairly easy to embrace, it becomes a bit more difficult when speaking in terms of learning how to manifest your health.

Can You Manifest Your Health?

When I get a cold, I realize that I may have been a contributing factor—not getting enough sleep, eating poorly, or not dressing appropriately for the weather. But what about more severe illness? When you get the flu, it is often because you were exposed during flu season. Right? And cancer, would anyone really chose to manifest cancer? Of course not, or at least not intentionally.

Stress, Dis-Ease, And Health

The first time I really had to accept that I can rapidly manifest my health is when I considered how almost every time I am stressed to the max, I go to bed stressed, and wake up with an unsightly cold sore—aka. a manifestation of my stress. I certainly never want a cold sore, so why would I manifest one? It serves no purpose other than to stress me out more, and make me self-conscious until it disappears. But when speaking of LOA and the ability to manifest your health, it shows me that I have more power than I realize—and you do to.

If we can stress our cells into manifesting poor health, then we can certainly uplift our cells into manifesting optimal health—or at least better health. As Louise Hay explains, the word “disease” is our body showing us our dis-ease. This lack of ease, or abundance of ease is what produces our health.

What kind of health are you manifesting? If it’s not positive, search for ways to reduce your stress—and positively manifest your health.

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