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Are You Ready to Lean In to Your Life?

Lean In to your life today!

As an avid reader, I always have a long list of books I intend to read and books that spark my attention when they cross my path. While I keep a casual eye on trending and best-selling books, I choose my reading selections for many reasons, but sometimes, best-sellers are at the top because they are true gems, as is the case with Lean In!

Are You Ready to Lean In to Your Life?

I kept hearing about Facebook COO’s Sheryl Sandberg’s book Lean In, both on TV and from friends, but didn’t really get excited until I watched her infamous TEDTalk, which sparked the author to turn the talk into a book. From reading the “look inside” on Amazon, I was hooked!

Leaning in is about more than breaking the glass ceiling, but is a call to humanity to live a life of authenticity, both men and women, and not to limit yourself or anyone else by feeling pressure to conform. It’s about celebrating what makes you unique, creating awareness about social conditioning, and doing your part to support others in what comes naturally to you, even if it is outside the norm. It is about setting goals for your life and career, but learning how to set goals not ultimately limiting in our “what if” tendencies.

Leaning In and Authenticity

One thing I love most about this book is that it celebrates authentic living. Yes, there is lots of talk about gender roles at home and work, but the ultimate take away is that we must embrace who we are naturallythat is what success looks like.

Not only can you watch the TEDTalk and read the book, but you can join the Lean In Facebook community and head to the website for inspiration or even to find or start a Lean In Circle near you!

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