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How Can You Get In The Zone Or Flow?

the zone and the flow

We’ve all been there, flowing with potential and in a super productive zone. But how do you get there with intention? While it will take practice, the tips above will help you get in the zone at work, at home, or even when working out or playing sports.

Know Your “In The Zone” Times

We all have times of day we are most productive. Not that you can’t get into a groove outside your peak time of day, but you are more likely to get in the zone during your best time of day.

Clear Your Mind

Multitasking is the way of the world, but to get in the zone, your focus must be only on the task at-hand. It’s tricky to turn your mind on and off, but the tips below will help:

  • Turn off, power down, and remove all electronic distractions.
  • Turn on music that makes you productive, like sound of nature, classical, or white noise.
  • Get up and out; a walk around the block can give you enough time to refocus.
  • Set a clear intention and visualize yourself achieving a positive outcome.
  • Adopt an empowering affirmation and turn to that when you get distracted.

Stress and anxiety are some of the top road blocks to getting into a good flow, so learn relaxation techniques. This could include yoga and meditation, but also anything that makes you feel good, such as watching funny YouTube videos or getting a massage.

Practice makes perfect, but you can master the art of getting in and staying in the zone!

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