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There Are So Many Ways To Love

There are so many ways to love

In Marianne Willaimson’s acclaimed book A Return To Love, a variety of topics are discussed. Although the book is Williamson’s translation of the Course of Miracles, it is written in a universal manner that is easily accessible to all. One of my biggest takeaways from this book is that there are only two things in life—love and fear. Everything is an extension of one or the other.

You Love More Than You Know

When it comes to love, most of us think about those close to us. Our husband, wife, children, parents, family, and maybe even our pets. But love is not that limiting. I have always said that I have a love for nature, and that the art of dance was my first love. While these “things” aren’t able to love me back, they offer an undeniable flow of positive energy. And both allow me to express love. What inanimate objects allow you to do the same?

Do You Have A Limited Capacity To Love?

One of the concepts that I enjoyed most from this thought-provoking read, is that we are culturally taught to have a disconnected, and limited capacity to love. That there are certain people we are “supposed” to love, or certain people that we are supposed to love in a deeper or more intimate manner. While each relationship is unique, the idea that our capacity to love is assigned, is limiting.

We must remember that as a member of humanity, we are interconnected, and we can love everyone and everything that surrounds us. If you have ever watched a commercial, YouTube video, or complete strangers and felt your heartstrings pulled—then you know this to be true!

How do you show your capacity to love? How can you show more love with intention?

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