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Do You Have a Signature Style?

What is your signature style?

I love fashion! I love watching runway shows and seeing each high-end designer’s latest collection. However, I also understand the importance of dressing for my body, comfort, career, and lifestyle. While I might adore the latest trend, I may also see it would not be particularly figure-flattering on me. So, I keep one eye on the latest trends in cut, color, and design, but I put my signature style first. Here are tips for creating your signature style.


Accessories can be the mainstay of your signature style. Maybe year-round, all weather scarves are your thing. Or maybe, you never leave the house without a colorful clutch, chunky bracelet, or a statement necklace. I have year-round shoes in every shade of red. While I don’t always wear red shoes and rarely wear anything else red, people know it’s my thing.

A Signature Color For Your Signature Style

Everyone has a color or two that simply looks good on them. This could be a color that goes well with your skin tone, that complements your current hair color, or that makes your eyes pop. Add more of this color to your wardrobe; just avoid head-to-toe and stick with one accessories or item of clothing per look. However, experiment with wearing multiple shades in one outfit.

Figure Flattering Cut

Know the cuts that make you look and feel your best and fill your wardrobe with these pieces. If you are lucky, you will find a designer or brand who keeps the same cut in stock year-round, like a signature fitted jacket you have in many colors, prints, and textures. This could be anything from the versatile and all-figure-flattering DVF wrap dress—to a pencil skirt, empire waist blouse, flowy cardigan, A-line dress or skirt, skinny jeans, or slacks with the perfect flare.

Last, don’t forget the value of heading to a local tailor or seamstress to alter your clothing, so they truly are the perfect fit to complement your signature style.


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