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Say Goodbye To Traditional Pads And Tampons

Looking for a green and easy alternative to pads and tampons?

Feminine care products continue to evolve, but the latest selections are an all-around win. They offer superior protection, are environmentally-friendly, and will save you hundreds of dollars each year. Below are just a few alternatives to traditional pads and tampons.

Period Panties

Period panties are super cute and comfortable cotton or bamboo panties that absorb your flow. Sounds crazy right? Yes, they work! Just rinse and wash at the end of each day. Head over to Hesta Organics or THINX to learn more about this amazing product.

Downside—you need to be familiar with your flow, and you may have to change panties mid-day during your heavier days.

Washable Pads And Tampons

Head online to Etsy, or one of the other sites mentioned above—to find endless options of organic, washable, and reusable pads and tampons. The pads have wings with snap closures to keep them in place, and are far more flexible and comfortable than disposable alternatives.

Downside—you will need to carry a small bag with you each day to store your used pads and tampons.

Menstrual Cups And Sea Sponges

Menstrual cups and sponges work in a similar manner. They are worn internally, and capture your flow—eliminating the need for a pad. In fact, with your flow emptying directly into your cup or sponge you may find that your period is a day or two shorter—and your cramps less severe.

Downside—these are a very hands-on form of feminine care, that are a bit messy to empty and rinse—especially in public restrooms.

An advantage of the green and clean period products above, is that they control moisture, absorb odor, and are void of the chemicals which are used in most pads and tampons. If you prefer to stick to the traditional options, look for bleach and chemical-free alternatives.

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