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Exercise Your Brain

Do you exercise your brain?

It’s never too early to exercise your brain, in fact there are several fun and easy ways to do just that! Here are some ideas to get you started. In general, it is all about trying new things, or doing your daily tasks a bit differently—and doing things with more thought and intention.

Try Something, Anything—New!

Stimulate your brain and learn something new. Sign up for an art class, fun fitness class, computer class, or anything you have never tried or haven’t done for a while.

Exercise Your Brain By Play Games

Playing a variety of games exercises different areas of your brain. This can include solo and group gaming, such as crossword puzzles, word searches, board games, card games, gaming apps, computer games, and VR gaming. The trick is to mix it up.

Turn Off Your Autopilot

A good portion of the things you accomplish throughout the day are completed on “autopilot.” Challenge yourself to do things differently, such as:

  • Hold your smartphone in a different hand while talking
  • Sit at a different chair at the dining room table or living room
  • Take a different route when walking or driving
  • Brush your teeth with your other hand
  • Switch up your morning or daily routine

Be More Social

Between email, IM, texting, and the ability to work from home or almost entirely remotely, many of us are losing the human connection. While it may not be possible to improve your human interaction at work, you can at least attend more live networking events. As far as your personal social calendar, schedule more weekday lunches, after work coffee or cocktails, and more fun activities with friends and family.

Exercising your brain is about variety, and since variety is the spice of life, these brain-boosting activities are fun. They will also keep your brain healthy, strong, and mentally sharp!

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