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Setting Goals And Resolutions You Can Achieve

Setting and achieving your goals and resolutions

Whether you are creating a list of personal New Years’ resolutions, setting year-round goals, or finally taking charge of your career path—you will increase your odds of success and completion by an impressive 10 times if you set clearly defined goals and resolutions. But what does that mean? Keep reading to learn more.

Realistic For You

Your goals must challenge you to do something differently or to learn something new—but they must also be realistic for you. Setting unrealistic goals often has a negative effect, because you will beat yourself up if you don’t succeed. For example, reading one book a month on the skill you want to develop is realistic, and will give you 12 new resources for the next year. However, reading one book a week may not realistically fit into your already busy schedule.

Clearly Define Your Goals And Resolutions

Goals must be clearly defined, or you won’t know what you are working towards. For example, setting a New Years’ Resolution to be “healthier” in the year to come could mean any variety of things—so you must be a bit more specific. Maybe you plan to replace your current beauty products with chemical-free alternatives, eating mostly organic, or replacing the processed foods in your diet with whole foods. Or, you plan on training for a marathon or a triathlon. Whatever your goal may be, it must be clear and specific.

 You Must Have Measurable Milestones

Last, but certainly not least—look for ways to break each goal into a series of measurable milestones. For example, if you plan on losing 50 pounds in the next six months, break that in to 8 to 10 pounds a month. If you are ready to find a new job, plan on applying to at least three new jobs a week, and schedule at least one networking meeting or event each month.

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