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No Time to Travel? Experience A New Culture Without Leaving Town

culture is closer than you think

If you are short on vacation time or invest most of your time off visiting with family and friends, you might crave culture and traditions other than your own. Even if you can’t leave town, you can expand your horizons.

Try Some Authentic Cuisine

Head online to search for local restaurants that offer authentic cuisine from your country of choice. Even if you have to drive an hour or two, it’s well worth it!

Stream Live, Or Head to Your Local Public TV Station

With the ability to steam live from anywhere around the globe, you can view your destination of choice in real time. Or browse through responsible TV stations (such a s PBS, Discovery, and National Geographic) to learn more about where you will one day travel.

Head to The Theater or Museum

Check your local theaters for touring dancers, singers, plays, and performers from around the world. Or head to see global exhibits in nearby museums and festivals.

Strike Up a Conversation

If you can’t travel, the next best thing is to strike up a conversation with someone from a country you adore. Have dinner with an acquaintance from another country, or do the modern-day version of a pen pal, and Skype with an international friend. This is also the perfect way to practice and perfect your foreign language.

Until you have the time and budget to travel, you can expand your horizons with the tips above.




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