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December 2016

  • What is your signature style?
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    Do You Have a Signature Style?

    I love fashion! I love watching runway shows and seeing each high-end designer’s latest collection. However, I also understand the importance of dressing for my body, comfort, career, and lifestyle. While…

  • last minute holiday gifts

    Last Minute Holiday Gifts

    The holiday season is about giving, but let’s face it—it’s embarrassing to receive a gift from someone who wasn’t on your shopping list. To avoid this awkward one-way exchange, I started…

  • There are so many ways to love
    happiness wellness

    There Are So Many Ways To Love

    In Marianne Willaimson’s acclaimed book A Return To Love, a variety of topics are discussed. Although the book is Williamson’s translation of the Course of Miracles, it is written in a…

  • holiday traditions

    Creating Your Own Holiday Traditions

    Does your family have any unique Christmas, Kwanza, or Hanukkah traditions? This goes beyond the general day of celebrations, to unique things your family does before, during, and maybe even after…

  • Give back this holiday season

    5 Ways To Give Back This Holiday Season

    Whether you volunteer or find other ways to give back year-round, or the holiday season has inspired you—there are an endless number of ways in which you can give back this…

  • Green tea for health and beauty
    beauty health weight loss

    Green Tea 3 Ways

    Green tea is not just for drinking! Below are 3 ways you can add this versatile tea to your daily health and beauty routine. Weight Loss Tea Green tea naturally boosts your…