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Easy Ways To Green Your Home In 2017

green your home, green your life

If the new year has you inspired to green your home, you might be wondering where to begin? The trick is to start small and fully adjust to one change before making more. With a few small investments, you can make more environmentally-friendly choices and save money.

Recycle And Upcycled

The things you can recycle go well beyond glass, paper, and metal. Before you throw away anything at home or work, consider if it can instead be recycled or upcycled. This includes:

  • Worn tennis shoes
  • Any and all broken electronics
  • Printer cartridges
  • Broken furniture
  • Clothing
  • Batteries
  • Toothbrushes and razors
  • Pet waste
  • Fluorescent light bulbs
  • And much more!

Check your local recycling centers, Craigslist, and Google to learn more.

Invest In Reusable

You might be surprised at the number of household items available in reusable options, or the everyday items you can repurpose in new ways—such as glass jars and breath mint containers. Pinterest is an excellent source for innovative ideas to green your home, but also invest in in reusable:

  • Coffee pods
  • Coffee filters
  • Tea bags and steepers
  • Hot and cold beverage containers
  • Napkins
  • Hand towels

Invest In Energy-Efficient Products

Before you invest in any new appliances, electronics, light bulbs, or absolutely anything that plugs in or draws energy, look for an energy-efficient alternative. This includes certified Energy Star products, but also products with solar chargers and solar technology. This doesn’t just apply to homeowners, because if you rent, you still have to invest in your own power strips, electronics, and a long list of gadgets that draw electricity.

Greening your home is easy if you know where to start. Also, consider investing in as many organic, local, and natural products for your home and office as possible, including your clothing.

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