Tips for Traveling Solo

traveling solo is fun

If your schedule and your budget allow you to travel solo, go for it! Solo travel isn’t for everyone, but if you’re game, turn to the tips below.

Consider A Tour

If the thought of solo travel makes you nervous, consider traveling with a tour group. There are endless options of tour groups for every hobby, age-group, interest, and destination, from general tourist attractions to sightseeing motorcycle tours, extreme adventure, fishing, sports, food, or other niche vacation packages.

Share Your General Itinerary

One of the perks to traveling solo is you can plan your schedule any way you wish. However, since you will travel solo, it is a good idea to let your loved ones back home have a general idea of your plans for each day. Also, leave emergency contact info with the hotel and maybe jot down your itinerary on your in-room notepad before you leave your room each day.

Make Copies of All Essential Documents

If you will be traveling internationally, have quick and easy access to a photo copy of all essential documents. This includes your passport, visa, photo ID, and insurance card. Store them electronically, preferably in a password protected document that can be accessed remotely.

Chat Up Your Hotel Concierge

You are sure to do research before you arrive to your destination, but once you get there, touch base with a local. Let your concierge know you are traveling solo and inquire about safety and any culture norms you must know of.

Last, make sure you pack the essentials—but also that you can easily maneuver your luggage solo.

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