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Going Organic? Don’t Forget Your Clothing

organic cotton

In your effort to make healthier, chemical-free decisions for you and your family, you must consider everything you come in contact with—including your clothing. Here are a few things to consider for everyone’s coziest fiber, cotton, and why organic cotton is better.

Cotton Is The Dirtiest Crop In The World

Cotton might be a fiber, but it is a crop that the average farmer sprays heavily with pesticides and chemicals. While the goal is to preserve and protect their crops from infestation, the average cotton crop is sprayed with 8 of the 10 most hazardous insecticides in the world—many of which are slowly being phased out, and many of which are banned in other countries. These bans are often due to air quality and soil and water contamination—but what about your skin?

Do You Really Have Sensitive Skin?

I had a friend who, for years, was told she had sensitive skin. This made shopping for clothing almost impossible, because she would literally break out in a rash after trying on clothing. When she would purchase clothing, she would have to wash before wearing, and simply hope they fit. Then she wore only organic cotton and bamboo, and now, she can try on clothing without irritation. Even if your non-organic cottons don’t irritate your skin, they could add unnecessary toxins and chemicals to your home—all of which are absorbed by your skin.

Shopping for organic clothing is easier than you might think, and as an added bonus—organic fibers are even more comfortable. Hesta Organics, Pact, and a long list of online and offline retailers offer organic-only clothing and accessories. Don’t just do it for you; do it for the environment too!

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