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Expand Your Social Circle

expand your social circle

I don’t know about you, but as an adult, I sometimes find it difficult to make new friends—acquaintances yes, but friends can be tricky. The tips below are perfect for anyone looking to meet a new romantic interest, professional contact, or a few new like-minded friends, or a whole new social circle.

Expand Your Social Circle By Joining A New Group

Thanks to the Internet, it is easier than ever to find likeminded locals in any city. Look for local personal or professional interest groups in the Craigslist community section, on the platonic social site MeetUp.com, on social media groups, or simply by Googling clubs and communities in your local area. You can even sign up for a class at a local arts and craft school, college, or adult learning center.

Ask An Acquaintance To Lunch

You have at least one or two untapped casual acquaintances. This could be someone you met at a friend’s birthday party, a colleague you’ve always wanted to know better, or the person you casually chat up on your daily commute but have yet to get to know better.


Volunteering isn’t just an excellent way to  contribute positively to your local community, but also to meet like-minded locals passionate about the same causes you are.

Between school and our extracurricular activities or our youth, we are given ample opportunities to expand our social circle. However, it is still easy to do as an adult; you may just have to approach networking and socializing with greater intention.


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