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Is 2017 Your Year For Love?

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What is life without love? If opening your heart to the possibility of love is one of your 2017 resolutions, you might wonder where to begin. As wonderful as it is to share your heart and your life with another, finding someone you connect with isn’t always easy.

Don’t Try Too Hard To Find Love

While it is important to set the intention for love and to keep your eyes and heart open, you must strike a balance. If you try too hard to turn everyone you meet into a potential partner, you are likely to come on too strong.

Don’t Box Yourself In

While you know the interpersonal traits you want in a partner, don’t make your list of ‘must haves’ too long, or you may not notice your compatibility. Opposites attract, and the contrast of your different interests and take on life can keep things fun and fresh. Don’t be too set on physical appearance, career, past experiences, or hobbies, and focus, instead, on the way they make you feel when you are with them.

Last, remember sparks aren’t always instant. Sometimes, time is required before you notice someone’s potential, so don’t be too quick to write someone off. Give it at least a date or two before you put too much thought into it.

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