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Do You Know How To Chew Your Food?

chew your food

You chew your food, right? Of course you do! However, do you know how to chew your food the right way? Chewing plays a vital role in digestion, nutrient absorption, caloric intake, and more. However, almost everyone chews their food incorrectly.

How To Chew Your Food

Studies show that a regular adult chews food for an average of 6 times before swallowing—falling severely short of the suggested 5 to 10 times for soft foods, and 20 to 30 times for firm and harder food. It will take longer to eat your meal, but you will taste and enjoy your meals more when you take the proper time to chew your food.

The Benefits Of Proper Chewing

Most of us eat in a rush, either on a multi-tasking break from work, at our desk, in our car, or while out and about. Notice how long and how thoroughly you chew your food, and enjoy these benefits:

  • Improved Digestion—saliva contains essential digestive enzymes, and properly chewed food is easier for your body to break down. This means less constipation, less gas, and faster digestion.
  • Increased Nutrient Intake—chewing your food longer breaks it down into smaller particles, which make it easier for your body to absorb the nutrients you require.
  • Weight Loss—chewing for the proper time will make you feel fuller faster, decreasing your caloric intake by 12% or more—helping you achieve weight loss without really
  • Healthier Teeth And Gums—the more you chew your food, the more plaque and bacteria fighting enzymes are produced by your saliva.

On top of proper chewing, try not to drink much fluid while eating. While it is customary to order a beverage with your meal, consuming too much fluid while eating can slow down your digestion. Instead, try to stop drinking fluids 20 to 30 minutes before eating, and take only small sips while eating. Wait approximately 1 hour before drinking larger amounts of water, coffee, tea—or your preferred beverages.

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