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    What The Heck Is Fascia?

    what the heck is fascia

    I remember about 20 years ago, I was receiving therapeutic massage for a sports injury, and my massage therapist kept talking about myofascial release. I remember thinking—what the heck is fascia? I had no idea what this connective tissue was or how it effects health, pain, and even physical appearance.

    What The Heck Is Fascia?

    Over the years, I continued to hear everyone, from my yoga instructor to my naturopath and additional massage therapists, talk about fascia. I even noticed myofascial release products online and in fitness stores. I knew it was connective tissue, but that still meant little to me.

    We All Have Fascia

    Just like we all have muscles, tendons, and joints, we all have fascia; we just don’t hear about it as much. Think of fascia like you would the skin on an orange. The outer peel is our skin and the white pith is the fascia.

    Just like muscles, tendons, and joints, unhealthy fascia can lead to problems.

    How To Release Fascia

    There are many ways to release fascia, including:

    By working with a massage therapist or alternative practitioner who specializes in myofascial release, you can release fascial tension and alleviate pain, increase range of motion, and significantly eliminate the appearance of cellulite.

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