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Digital Declutter—It’s Time To Optimize Your Electronics

digital declutter

Our electronics provide convenience and efficiency, but if you aren’t careful, the exact opposite can occur. Between your notebook, laptop, PC, smartphone, social media, multiple online file sharing and storage options, you might end up feeling overwhelmed with your electronics. This means it might be time for a digital declutter.

Cleanup Your Inbox, Files, And Storage

Between your personal and professional email, social media, files, and storage, you may have OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, iTunes, Cloud, Social Media, and files and photos on your phone. It’s time to simplify:

  • Determine which storage options you really need, and slowly but surely transfer files into organized folders
  • Sync your smartphone, laptop, notebook, and PC storage, so they automatically upload and save files, music, and photos
  • Empty that inbox, and organize everything you still need into folders

This may not be a 1-hour, or even a 1-day, project, so set aside blocks of time each day until it is complete.

Automate As Much As Possible

Part of any successful digital declutter is to automate as much of your future organization as possible. However, it’s not just your storage that needs to be automated. Also, automate alarms, alerts, and notifications of every kind. This includes your do-not-disturb times of the day.

Last but not least, try to get into the efficient habit of deleting, transferring to appropriate folders, and backing up files, messages, photos, and downloads immediately after you receive them, which will save hours of time and stress later.

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