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Travel Without Being A Tourist

travel without being a tourist

When you book your next ticket or plan your next road trip, ensure you think beyond the typical tourist activities and excursions. While tourist attractions are great, they are primarily full of other tourists, and light on locals. This is one downside to cruises because you enjoy little time experiencing the culture of your destination. Below are a few tips for how you can travel without being a tourist.

Look For Hobby-Related Activities

If you have a hobby or personal passion, try to work that into your trip. You can even go as far as to plan your trip around an interest or passion. For example, if you love flowers, plan your vacation to the Big Island of Hawaii during the annual Hilo Orchid show.

Leave Some Wiggle Room In Your Itinerary

I get it, you want to take full advantage of your time on vacation, but you also want to enjoy yourself. My goal is usually to plan only a handful of things each day, leaving me with ample time to explore. For example, a 2-hour daytime excursion and a night out on the town leave me with the rest of my day open to browse local shops and get to know people along the way.

Travel Without Being A Tourist By Spending Time With Locals

Last but not least, don’t forget to get out of your comfort zone and immerse yourself in the local culture and traditions. Yes, you must be safe and mindful. However, at least head to a restaurant or hot spot that isn’t packed with tourists.

Squeeze in the attractions that appeal to you, but don’t forget that you should define your vacation goals. To really travel without being a tourist, pick a travel destination that doesn’t attract lots of foreign travelers—such as a charming city a few hours outside of a major hub.

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