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Benefits Of Using An Inversion Table

inversion table

Inversion tables are a fitness and health tool that has been around for decades, but what do they do? The inversion table allows you to comfortabaly hang upside down from your legs, ankles, or feet. While it might sound or even feel weird to hang upside down, there are many benefits to reversing gravity for a few minutes a day.

Why Try An Inversion Table?

Inversion tables are most often used for spinal traction. Gravity and lifestyle can leave the spine and discs compressed and contracted. By hanging upside down and allowing gravity to decompress and create space in your spine, you can alleviate pain and pressure. You can also:

  • Alleviate back pain
  • Stretch your spinal muscles
  • Elongate all muscles
  • Circulate blood
  • Decongest your organs
  • Stimulate lymph nodes
  • Decrease shrinkage between disks

Do You Need An Inversion Table?

Inversion tables average anywhere between $100 and $400, plus you must have the space to invert. While nothing quite compares to the full gravitational pull of a table, there are other ways you can invert and access spinal traction. This includes traction mats, traction tables, yoga, Pilates, and inverted exercises, such as head or handstands.

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