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When Was The Last Time You Smelled The Roses?

smell the roses

Like many of you, I have been actively practicing the art of gratitude for a few years now. When I started, I would create a daily list of 10 things to be grateful for, trying not to repeat from the few days before. At first, this was challenging, and then I realized I was taking the little things in life for granted. When was the last time you stopped to smell the roses?

Really Take A Look At Your Day

Look at your daily routine, searching for a few ways things you could be more grateful for. An excellent place to begin is:

  • My morning alarm clock—otherwise known as my orange tabby cat
  • My luxurious bath and body products
  • Daily gratitude calendar and affirmation phone app
  • Healthy and tasty food, coffee, and tea
  • Thoughtful friends, who send me daily texts and FB messages
  • Collaborative work environment, where I’m truly part of a team
  • Partner, who is my best friend, too
  • The ability to stream or download any song, movie, magazine, or book I want instantly
  • Super comfy bed, pillow, sheets, and pjs

Each thing can easily be taken for granted but are there for me anytime I want or need, reminding me that, even on an otherwise ordinary day, I should take time to smell the roses.

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