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The Art Of Being Present

being present

We all know at least one person who makes you feel like the only person in the room when you’re with them. This is not necessarily a romantic gesture; they just know how to zone out all other distractions and stressors—and be with you in the moment. This is the art of being present!

Being Present Requires You to Let Go Of What You Can’t Control

I don’t know about you, but I’m one of those people who can literally think about 5 things at once. Even though I know it does me no good to be mentally spread so thin, it makes me feel like I have control. While you can’t control the outcome of everything buzzing around in your head—you can control the buzzing—and what you are doing right this moment.

Practice Makes Perfect

Even if you can agree that it is best to focus on the now, it is easier said than done. As with all things, practice makes perfect. Consider getting into a mindful habit that your brain will associate with returning the present—like closing your eyes and taking 5 slow, deep breaths.

Also, incorporate mindful practices into your daily routine—and soon, you will be mindful and present without trying!

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