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Can You Twist Your Way To Optimal Health?

twists for optimal health

I’ve been doing yoga for about 20 years, and almost every time we perform a pose or series of movements that requires twisting, my yoga instructor exclaims how good it is to twist the toxins out of our organs. When speaking of twisting, one of the hottest new fitness trends includes twisting on a balance board. So, can you twist your way to optimal health?

Why Twisting Is Good For You

For twisting stretches, yes—you will accelerate the rate at which your organs can expel toxins when you twist. While sitting, standing, and laying down, your organs remain in pretty much the same position, so your body must do all the work. You can support your body by incorporating twisting into your routine at least 2 days a week.

And unlike the rest of your body, your organs simply don’t have the range of motion of your arms, legs, or head. Twisting provides a range of motion that not only wrings out toxins—but relieves tension.

Twist Balance Boards

There are many twisting balance boards to choose from, such as the Simply Fit Board featured on Shark Tank. Unlike twisting while standing on the floor, you achieve a larger range of fluid motion while on a balance board. Its also low-impact, and safe for most. There are a variety of balance exercises you can perform on these boards, but twisting provides multiple benefits:

  • Loosens up back, leg, and neck muscles
  • Wrings out your internal organs
  • Hyper-targets your core
  • Activates muscles from head to toe
  • Improves posture and balance
  • Decreases internal inflammation

While twisting can’t be your only form of exercise, it certainly should be part of your weekly routine. From a go-to yoga pose or Pilates stretch, to a balance training designed for maximum twisting. Your weekly twists support your goal of achieving optimal health!

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