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Don’t Like Beets? Try One Of These Recipes

don't like beets

Beetroots are an often misunderstood vegetable, but it’s all about how they are prepared. Even if you have tried them in the past and weren’t impressed, it’s worth another try.

Apple, Beet, And Lemon Juice

One of my favorite ways to enjoy the cleansing benefits of beets is with the fresh squeezed juice recipe below:

  • 4 medium Fuji apples
  • ½ lemon and equal size slice of beet

This is a refreshing morning juice, packed full of vitamin C. It is also an excellent bedtime cleansing beverage. You can even juice the night before to enjoy in the morning or juice a double serving in the morning, so you have some at night.

Steamed Beetroots

If you don’t like beets raw, try steaming them until they are fork tender. This makes an excellent side dish, and just like when juiced, you will find that beets are actually sweet.

Try A Golden Beet Instead

If red beets just aren’t your thing, at least give golden beets a try. You might not notice these yellow or orange root vegetables are beets. While they provide the same cleansing benefits as red beets, they have a milder and sweeter flavor profile. They are also far less messy.

Even if you don’t like beets, we promise you’ll like at least one of the recipes above!

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