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In Need Of Some Instant Inspiration?

instant inspiration

Whether you woke up on the wrong side of the bed, are stuck in a rut, or simply searching for some instant inspiration to keep you motivated, consider the tips below.

  1. Scan Instagram in search of some inspirational quotes.
  2. Listen to some uplifting music.
  3. Schedule some unexpected time off.
  4. Call someone who always uplifts your spirit.
  5. Pick someone’s brain, not to vent, but to explore your options.
  6. Play with your kids or pets.
  7. Sit and watch kids play at that park and observe their inspiring and effortless joy.
  8. Color, knit, bake, play an instrument, or do something creative.
  9. Take a walk in nature, watch the waves at the ocean, or listen to the sounds of nature in real life.
  10. Watch something you know will make you laugh.
  11. Do something spontaneous to break the monotony.
  12. Workout, as you will feel instantly inspired when done.
  13. Think of 10 things you have to be grateful for.
  14. Hug (or kiss) someone you love.
  15. Google pretty pictures—like kittens, mountains, sexy sports cars, or walk-in closets.

Finding instant inspiration can feel like a challenge, but the truth is, inspiration is all around. Sometimes, we simply need to shift our perspective. The more you look, the easier it will be to find!


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