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Family Dinner—At Least Once A Week

family dinner

Whether you are a family of two or many, it might seem impossible to sit down together and enjoy a family dinner. This isn’t because you don’t want to, but because even your kids are crazy busy.

Aim For At Least Once A Week

Stop beating yourself up over the fact you can’t eat together every day of the week, and instead, make it feel extra special by picking one night a week you gather for your family dinner. Cook or order in. You can even go out to eat. As long as you are all together, it counts.

No Time For Family Dinner? How About Breakfast Or Brunch?

If you can’t make dinner work, do a family breakfast or brunch instead. Weekend omelets, waffles, or pancakes are fun, or let everyone sleep in and do a brunch. You could even eat your weekday breakfast together, but it might feel rushed.

Can’t Make Mealtimes Work—Then Plan A Family Activity

The more extracurricular activities you are involved in, the more challenging it is to eat together as a couple or family. Not to worry, as you can simply spend some unplugged time together instead.

The goal of a family dinner is to spend quality time as a family, and there are endless ways you can achieve those goals.

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