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Are You A Good Best Friend?

good best friend

Sometimes, I find myself so caught up with work and family that I sometimes go weeks or months without seeing some of my closest friends. When we can finally squeeze time in our schedule, we have tons of things to catch up on, and we promise we won’t let so much time pass again. But somehow, we do…

Plan A Regular Activity

One of the best ways to keep in touch is to have a regular activity or event you attend together. This could be drinks after work each Friday, an annual music festival, or a monthly night out on the town.

Quality Electronic Engagement

Even if we don’t see each other face-to-face, I try to keep in touch via text, email, and direct messaging on social media, even by Skype and talking on the phone. Just make sure your electronic engagement is quality, not generic.

It’s Like No Time Has Passed

Even if it’s been months since I hung out with a local friend or years since I’ve seen an out of state friend, with your best friends, it feels like no time has passed. This feeling is priceless and rare, so make sure you are fully present.

Our best friends make life worth living, so make sure they know how much you care!

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