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Spring Cleaning—Where To Begin?

spring cleaning

Spring is a perfect time spruce up your home. With the cold and wet winter behind, and the warm summer months just around the corner, you may be motivated to do some spring cleaning. Here are some excellent places to begin spring cleaning.

Deep Clean Your Home

With the spring light shining bright, you may notice that the places you only clean occasionally need some TLC. Gather the family for a deep cleaning session, or call your local cleaning service:

  • Ceiling fans, ceilings, walls, and baseboards
  • Behind and underneath furniture
  • Corners of the home and corners of the closet
  • Organize winter gear in the garage
  • Spring cleanup for lawn and garden
  • Sort through your cupboards and drawers

Purge Your Closets

As you head out to buy new spring and summer clothing, or switch your closet from cool-weather to warm-weather, it is the excellent time to purge. Get rid of clothing you didn’t wear all season, that no longer fits, and is out of style. At the very least, donate or toss an equal number of items as what you have recently purchased. Don’t forget shoes and accessories. Before storing your winterwear, make sure to send coats, sweaters, and clothing to dry cleaning.

Plant A Spring Garden

There is something satisfying about watching something grow. Even if you live in an apartment, and have little or no yard space, a window box or planter garden will do. Alternatively, just buy a new indoor or hanging plant.

Spring cleaning can be quite cathartic. Make a day of it, or break it into bite-sized chunks to complete over the next few weeks.

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