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Make Someone’s Day By Paying It Forward

paying it forward

If you are searching for a way to give back, that is instant and easy—it’s time to start paying it forward. Here are a handful of ideas to consider:

  1. Pay for someone’s coffee or lunch.
  2. Send a friend a card or flowers for no reason in particular.
  3. Text three friends to let them know your favorite thing about them.
  4. Check in on an elderly neighbor or family member.
  5. Write an unsolicited LinkedIn recommendation for a colleague.
  6. Offer to babysit for a stressed-out friend so that they can enjoy a night off.
  7. Donate old pet supplies to an animal shelter.
  8. Post a free ad for unwanted items on Craigslist.
  9. Smile at everyone you pass today.
  10. Leave an inspirational post-it note on your loved one’s computer.
  11. Put some change in an expired parking meter.
  12. Donate old books and magazines to a senior center, nursing home, used bookstore, or community book swap.
  13. Post a positive online review of your favorite retailer or restaurant.
  14. Send an employee-specific positive review of your go-to grocery clerk, or outstanding service provider.
  15. Do something extra special for someone you love.

Paying it forward is a win/win situation, and will come back to you tenfold!



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