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How To Deal With Negative People

negative people

We all go through rough patches, and we turn to our friends and family to vent and work things through. However, we all have friends, or colleagues, who are eternal pessimists. They assume the worst of everything. Alternatively, maybe you have a friend who is stuck in a rut and can’t see the good in anything. If so, here’s how to cope with negative people.

Keep It Short

Sometimes, people just need to vent, but there is only so much you can take. Always have an out ready, so they don’t drag you down with them. Say you have a meeting, conference call, fitness class, or an appointment to get to.

Just Listen

Don’t feel the need to solve your friend or colleague’s problem. In many cases, they just want someone to listen. They may even get upset if you try to offer an easy alternative. Just listen, and dependent upon your interest, inquire about how you can help. Then, move on to a new topic.

Plan Something Fun

If you have a dear friend or loved one who is stuck in an unhealthy rut, plan something fun and unexpected. Try to personalize the activity by selecting something they love, or something they have always wanted to try.

There may be nothing you can do to turn their frown upside down, but you certainly don’t need to join negative people in their pity party.



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