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Packing For Your Tropical Vacation

tropical vacation

The kids will be out for summer vacation in a couple of months, which may have you and your family considering a tropical vacation. Vacations are fun, but it can be challenging to figure out what to pack. Here is a quick list, that will cover all of your bases.

Shoes And Accessories

Pack one pair flip flops, one sandal appropriate for hiking, and one shoe you can wear to a nice restaurant. If you like to run or workout, a pair of breathable tennis shoes.

You will also need at least one pair of sunglasses, a collapsible sun hat or visor, and a beach bag that is easy to pack. When it comes to jewelry, you probably won’t need much. Choose versatile bracelets, statement necklaces, and earrings. If the temps will drop below 70 in the evenings, bring one pair of light pants, and one light long sleeve.


One coverup, two swimsuits or swim shorts, and at least one beach-friendly t-shirt/shorts combo.

General Clothing

Pack more tops than bottoms, so that if it’s warm out you can put on a fresh shirt. Super lightweight t-shirts, tank tops, and sleeveless shirts are best. Since it can get chilly when you go from the hot and humid outdoor weather, back to the AC indoors—bring a wrinkle-free wrap, jacket, or casual cardigan. Mixing and matching is key. Bring at least 4 bottoms—capris, shorts, or skirts. Or ladies can rock sundresses the entire trip.

Sunscreen is often pricey at vacation locations, so consider bringing your own. Just make sure to pack it in a zip lock bag in your checked luggage. Also, ask if your hotel has beach towels. If not, save room in your luggage by buying one when you arrive. Last but not least, pack bandaids, hand sanitizer, pain reliever, nail clippers, and other essential emergency supplies. These tips will make packing for your tropical vacation easy!

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