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Fun Date Night Ideas

fun date night ideas

Dinner and movies are great, but you might be looking for some fun date night ideas to keep things fresh and new? Below are a few thoughts to inspire you:

  • Sleep in and head out for a relaxed Sunday brunch
  • Go to a local festival or fair
  • Take a day trip to a nearby attraction or event
  • Head to a local trivia or game night
  • Take a dance, cooking, or fun class
  • Head to Groupon for an off-the-beating path date idea—maybe trapeze?
  • Go on a double date with friends
  • Go ice skating or roller skating
  • Go bowling
  • Sign up for a couple’s massage
  • Go to a live show—comedy, theater, concert, jazz, etc.
  • Go to a tasting—brewery, winery, dessert, chocolate
  • Sign up for a Murder Mystery dinner
  • Try a trending fitness class, or train for a local color run or obstacle course
  • Stay up and watch the sun rise
  • Head out on a romantic boat ride
  • Take a spontaneous vacation, a weekend in a local hotel
  • Drop the kids off at grandmas, order in, buy a nice bottle of wine, and stay unplugged till morning
  • Recreate your first date, or one of your most memorable dates
  • Go see a live sporting event

These are just a handful of fun date night ideas. Use them as suggested, or use them as inspiration for breaking the monotony—and to keep the romance alive.

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