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When Did Being Busy Become A Trend?

being busy

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but being busy has become a badge of honor. So much so, that taking time for yourself is sometimes criticized. While there are many worthy trends to participate in, being spread too thin should never be one of them.

Find Something Meaningful To Brag About

We all have commitments, but too few of us make the time for what really matters. Or if we do find the time for what really matters, we spend most of our time complaining about all the things we “have” to do—instead of celebrating what we love to do. Even if everyone else is bragging about their long list of responsibilities, invest your time talking about what brings you joy.

The Value Of Happy

Every study generates the same results: happy is healthy. Yes, you will have hectic weeks and months—but happy should always be a top priority. This means happy should be scheduled in to every day and week. You must always look for the spontaneous moments that present themselves along the way.

You can’t get to happy stressed to the max, and being so busy that you can’t find beauty in your life. Being busy has become a trend, but not one you should partake in.

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