Heading To A Coffee Shop But Don’t Want Coffee?

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A coffee shop or café are both excellent places for meetings, dates, and a quick catch up session with your besties. But what if you don’t like coffee?

Hot Drinks Minus The Coffee

Every coffee shop has a selection of hot beverages that don’t include coffee, many of which are caffeine-free. This includes hot chocolate and herbal tea. Also inquire about tea lattes, made with steamed milk and chai, matcha, early grey—or your favorite tea. There are sure to be at least one non-dairy milk alternatives. Soy is the most versatile, and keep in mind that almond milk is very distinct when steamed.

Dessert Drinks

From gourmet hot chocolates, to smoothies, and Frappuccino’s you are sure to have at least a few dessert drinks to choose from.

Cold Beverages

Most cafés simply can’t fit their entire menu selection, or their seasonal options, on their menu board. In most cases, the cold beverages don’t make the cut. Look for a cold case, inquire about fresh squeezed juice, and ask if they make Italian sodas.

To save time check their online menu, or call ahead to ask about their caffeine-free options. You can also order something to eat or snack on instead of getting something to drink.

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