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Setting The Mood With A Custom Playlist

custom playlist

We all have music that we relate to a certain feeling or mood. You know that moment when a song comes on in the car or while watching a movie and you immediately feel energized or nostalgic. Instead of allowing this to occur at random, set the mood with intention by creating a custom playlist.

Upbeat Playlist

Whether the goal is to workout, get energized, or lift your spirits when feeling down—we all need at least one upbeat playlist to turn to. Avoid the temptation of adding an entire album to this list, and select songs by various artists that make you feel good.

A Soundtrack To Work To

Next up, you should have a go-to playlist that encourages productivity. For most, classical music, sounds of nature, or white noise encourage focus—but select whatever songs or music work for you.

Relax And Unwind

At the end of a long day, when stuck in gridlock traffic, or when stressed to the max—it’s nice to have some relaxing tunes to listen to. This might be romantic ballads from your favorite crooner, binary beats, chanting, or music made for yoga and meditation.

Don’t forget to create a custom playlist for other areas of your life, such as a sexy list designed to get you in the mood.

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