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Why Multitasking Is Being Replaced By Monotasking


For decades multitasking has been the secret to success for top performers. Everyone from executives, stay at home parents, and students worked diligently develop the ability to juggle multiple projects at once. But with the introduction of mobile electronics, monotasking has become the new trend.

What Is Monotasking?

Monotasking is the dedication to a singular task, or specific portion of a task, from start to finish. While this may not sound like a feat, how many times have you checked your smartphone in the last 3 minutes? Or even since you started reading this article? The average smartphone user checks for and responds to messages and engagement 76 times per day, so to complete a task without interruption certainly is a feat.

Turn Everything Off

In order to monotask effectively, you must commit to turning everything off. Between your phone, notebook, social media, email, and IM this is easier said than done. However, these mini-distractions take up major time—which is where monotaksing comes in. When focused, you can complete many of your tasks 30 to 50 times faster than when multitasking while your electronic distractions are turned on.

As simple as the concept sounds, monotaksing is easier said than done. Start by designating 30 to 60 minute blocks of time 2 or 3 times a day, and you will instantly notice your increase in productivity.

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