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Unique Vacation Ideas

unique vacation ideas

If hitting up a trendy tourist spot isn’t your vibe, consider a unique vacation instead. This goes beyond a relaxing staycation, to trying something fun and new—yet off the beating path.

Cross-Country Train Ride

Every state and region has its own unique agriculture, look and feel—and there are some charming little towns along the way. This makes a cross-country train ride an excellent way to experience many unique locations. For comfort, rent a sleeper cabin, or hop on and off and stay in a hotel each night. You don’t even have to travel all the way cross country, just plan to get off the train in places you wish to visit.

Hobby-Centered Vacation

Do you have a hobby, subject, sport, or artistic endeavor you are passionate about? Why not immerse yourself in what you love for a long weekend or entire week? Think guitar seminar, extreme sports excursions, wellness retreat, or master class in anything you love. As a bonus, you’ll make some likeminded friends along the way.

Giving Back On Your Time Off

When you give you receive. If you enjoy hands-on or face-to-face volunteer work, consider spending your time off giving back to others. Help with disaster relief, collect and distribute donations, help build housing, or work on-on-one on a project you are passionate about.

While off the beating path, these unique vacation ideas are ones that you will cherish for a lifetime.

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