Reduce Your Energy Consumption Without Sacrifice

energy consumption

If you are searching for a few ways to cut your energy bill, or simply green your lifestyle—start with reducing your energy consumption. With just a few tiny changes and new habits, you can reduce consumption without sacrifice.

Clean Your Air Vents And Replace Your Air Filters

Even if you rent, this is a job that falls in your court. When your heat or AC comes on, it pushes air through your ducts, filter, and vents. If dust or dirty, it will require more energy to distribute heating and cooling. Keep things clean, so your HVAC doesn’t have to work as hard.

Wash When Full

It is tempting to run the dishwasher or a load of laundry when you only have a few things to wash, but this is a waste of energy. If there is something you really need, hand wash it.

Rethink What You Plug In

It’s easy to leave electronics chargers or desktop appliances plugged in, but even if not in use—this phantom energy can account for 15% of your overall consumption. Get in the habit of unplugging electronics and countertop appliances when not in use. Also make the move to smart energy strips, and anytime you buy something that draws energy—opt for an energy efficient option.

There are many other changes you can make, such as investing in remote home and smart home management tools.

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