That’s What Friends Are For

that's what friends are for

I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t know what to do without my friends. While I would like to pretend that I don’t want or need approval or acceptance, the truth is that is exactly what we all strive for. And that’s what friends are for!

Family Doesn’t Always Get It

Even the most well-intentioned and loving family members just don’t get it—whatever “it” may be. Even if our friends wouldn’t make the same choices or decisions, they are able to do what our family can’t. To support our dreams, not their dreams for us.

We Choose Our Friends

We love and respect family, and can’t imagine our lives without them—but we didn’t pick them. We choose our friends, and they choose us. This matters, because they like us just the way we are.

Friends Can Become Family

Everyone should have at least one friend, who is so close that we consider them to be our family. Some of us have family that’s just not supportive, so we have many friends who become our family. That’s what friends are for!

Some friends come and go, and some are with us for the long haul. The goal is to offer the kind of friendship you wish in return.

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