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You Can Give Yourself Permission To Do Anything You Wan

give yourself permission

Have you ever caught yourself getting super excited about something, then almost immediately replacing that thought with all the reasons why you can’t? Or planning out something you are excited about, then feeling deflated when someone shoots it down? We’ve all been there, but you can recapture your excitement—and give yourself permission to do anything you want!

It’s Your Life

Don’t forget this this precious life is yours to live, and no one else’s. Just because someone else is fearful of change, doesn’t mean you should be. You define what success looks like, and you deserve to be happy.

Don’t Forget The Upside

If everyone who dreamed big never tried, we wouldn’t have Disneyland, smartphones, novels, movies, iPods, or any invention or achievement you can imagine. And even if things don’t go quite as planned, you always walkaway with lessons learned.

You Are The Only Person You Answer To

When all is said and done, it is your purpose and passion. While we may need to find compromises between our commitments and our passion, you should never have to compromise your passion for anyone or anything.

Even if you can’t do it right this second, or commit to your dreams and goals full-time—you can give yourself permission to follow your bliss.

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