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    Why You Should Host A Clothing Swap Party

    clothing swap party

    If it feels like every time you go to your closet you have nothing to wear, then maybe it’s time to host a clothing swap party. These parties are excellent ways to get some stylish new threads, without spending a penny. Here’s how it works.

    Invite Your Besties And Encourage Them To Bring Fashion-Forward Friends

    We all have at least a few items in our closet that still have the tags on or that we have only worn a handful of times. These are the items perfect for a clothing swap.

    Don’t Forget Shoes And Accessories

    From the formal shoes you’ve worn once to the handbag you bought for that one special event and the gifted accessories that are super-cute but just not you. And don’t worry if you are in the right season. The goal is to help someone else score something they will put to good use.

    There Are No Rules

    Ideally, the goal is to leave with the same number of new-to-you-items as you arrived with, but there are no rules. The goal is to walk away with at least one or two new items you are excited about and get rid of some items taking up room in your closet.

    And don’t forget that clothing swaps aren’t just for the ladies! Fashionable gents can also host a swap or consider a co-ed swap.

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