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Why It’s Not So Bad To Be A Job Hopper

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There used to be a time when you landed a job, with the goal of staying there as long as possible—preferably until you retire. This mindset worked quite well for our parents and grandparents, but doesn’t seem to be working for most Gen X and younger generations. Here’s why being a job hopper isn’t so bad.

You Like A Healthy Challenge

While some may find job hopping to be irresponsible, you see a change as a new challenge to conquer. You’re not content being bored, so are up for a career change if it allows you to fulfill your passions and goals.

You Prioritize Your Happiness

If you find yourself bored, undervalued, or just flat out unfulfilled—you aren’t afraid to pick happiness over job security. Ok, so maybe you might be a tad bit afraid, but not enough to stay stuck in your professional rut.

The Innovative Job Hopper

As a job hopper you tend to be a natural innovator. You know how to see the potential in things, are always looking to surround yourself with likeminded colleagues.

Not only is being a job hopper not as bad as it might sound, but many companies actively seek out talent who is open for the adventure.

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