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Is It Really Better To Get Up Early?

get up early

Almost any self-improvement article you read will advise you to start getting up earlier. Some advise you to stretch and meditate to center and balance, and ease into your day. Some tell you to energize yourself by working out. Others will encourage you to simply start your daily tasks earlier. But is it really better to get up early?

Yes And No

On most days when I rise earlier than is ideal, I find myself pleasantly surprised when I look at my clock and see how much I’ve achieved so early in the day. That being said, it often ends up being a tradeoff. I find myself exhausted earlier than I would like, and sometimes lacking the sleep I require. So yes, and no.

When Are You Most Productive?

You must also consider what your most productive time of day is. While I am certainly most productive right after I wake, that doesn’t necessarily need to be first thing in the morning. However, if you are indeed a morning person, getting up earlier may be your best bet. If you’re a night owl, you’re a night owl.

Last but not least, getting up earlier doesn’t have to be drastically earlier. Just 15 to 60 minutes can make a world of difference—if not every day, on occasion.

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