Is This Relationship Right For You?

Is This Relationship Right For You

Whether you’ve just met someone new, are in a long-term relationship, or are just deciding if you are ready to get serious—you must answer the 12 questions below.

  1. Do they love you just the way you are?
  2. Do you love them just the way they are?
  3. Do you accept that they have a few quirks or flaws which you accept without compromising who you are?
  4. Are they both your friend and partner?
  5. Do you genuinely look forward to spending time together?
  6. Are they supportive of you in both good times and bad?
  7. Do you have more ups than downs?
  8. Does your relationship feel more like work, or more like a partnership?
  9. Are you excited to introduce them to the people in your life who matter most?
  10. Do you have the same short-term and long-term relationship, career, and personal goals?
  11. If your goals are different, do they genuinely respect your differences without major compromise?
  12. Are you completely yourself when you are together?

If you can’t say yes to the 12 questions above, then you will find that one or both of you is compromising yourself in a manner that is unhealthy. While relationships certainly have their ups and downs, there should be more love, laughter, and joy than not!

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