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How Present Are You In Your Day-To-Day Life?

present in your day to day life

How present are you in your day to day life? If you feel like you are simply going through the motions, and each day is kind of a blur—then you aren’t present. Even if your calendar doesn’t change much, no two days are the same.

Are You Always In Your Head?

If you are always in your head, then you aren’t present in your day-to-day life. I understand, it’s not easy to turn off the constant flow of things you have left to do today, but if you don’t—you miss out on the here and now.

You Are Constantly Connected

This is a tough one I know! But the average person checks there phone as often as 150 times each day. That is about 12 times each hour. It might not sound like much, but this is 12 times each hour you are being pulled away from your present moment.

You Aren’t Really Listening

We’re all guilty of it. Having lunch or dinner with a friend or loved one, and not really recalling what it is you talked about. Or not responding at the appropriate moment. Or having them say something like “I’m sure I already told you this.” This is what happens when you aren’t present, and therefore aren’t listening.

Being present in your day-to-day life will improve the quality of your time, and your relationship with others. It will simply make your life feel much happier!

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