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What’s The Rush? It’s Time To Slow Waaaay Down!

what's the rush

I recently hopped on a plane and headed down to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico for some fun in the sun. The plan was to relax and do some excursions, but to keep my schedule fairly light. However, on my third day—I noticed that I was still on overdrive. Zipping and zooming while walking down the street, literally in a hurry to go nowhere. Even being impatient in the super laid back restaurants, wanting service to be faster—even thought I had nowhere in particular to go. So, what’s the rush anyway?

Time Doesn’t Matter As Much As We Think

How many times have you caught yourself stressed to the max to get somewhere, then sat and waited because someone else was late? Or frustrated while stuck in the same traffic the person you are meeting is in too? Or rushed to get home, and then were bored because you have nothing to do? While we are all required to maintain somewhat of a schedule, we would all benefit from slowing down a bit—and controlling what we can control.

Being busy might give you something to do, but it significantly adds to your level of stress. Try to go a bit more with the flow, and you’re sure to feel better!

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